#USA #Washington The #Ukrainian-#American fascists torture people and burn out a fascist swastika-symbolics on a body

Repost! The guerrillas who were taken prisoner are exposed to sophisticated tortures of the Ukrainian and American fascists. They are supported in concentration camps. The commander of one of groups of guerrillas who visited in captivity at national guard told about it. Tells that it, as well as tens other people including civilians, kept in a hole near Kramatorsk. Near this hole it was dug some more same in which kept on some people who are held down by a chain. The minefield on which the Ukrainian military expel the people who were especially not pleasant to them was nearby located.

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People perish there, held down by a chain, being dragged on these mines. Chasteners send them automatic turns. The rebel says that before freeing Kramatorsk, it is necessary to release people because they in holes will be lost there. In torment holes the Ukrainian military torture captured fighters and the captured civilians. In particular, on bodies of prisoners fighters burn out a swastika and brand the Separatist.

The most important terorrist is also the U.S. Government, banks and their owners.


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