Mass media: The #USA has to understand «the #Russian bear», instead of tease it

The ex-ambassador of Great Britain in Moscow Tony Brenton considers that World War I happened because of misunderstanding and aggression of the European politicians of that time. Now, according to him, there is the same impression therefore the West should understand logic of Russia and to adjust with it dialogue, instead of to tease «the Russian bear».


The former ambassador of Great Britain in Moscow Tony Brenton in the column for Independent wrote that the events remind today it of World War I eve, report INOTV. The governments of the countries don’t trust and misunderstand plans of each other – this familiar picture, according to Brenton, oppresses.

If the West wants to find a way out of this crisis, to it, according to the ex-ambassador, it is necessary to understand from what Russia proceeds. Contrary to a popular belief, the West «deals not with the wakened and aggressive Russian bear, and with a wounded animal who defends», the author of a column writes.

According to the Russian version of events, the West from the moment of communism falling in 1991 was engaged in that «took in a ring» the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. 12 former Soviet allies now are members of hostile Russia of the organization – NATO. The Russian-speaking population in Baltic was deprived of the civil rights, but the West didn’t pay to it attention and when Georgia with support of the USA in 2008 launched war, blame laid to Russia, the ex-ambassador claims.

When this «an inflow wave» was threateningly driven to Ukraine, the country which Russia sees «practically continuation itself», Vladimir Putin decided all this to stop. Now, Tony Brenton writes, Moscow supports insurgents of East Ukraine to provide the two key requirements: any membership in NATO for Ukraine and ensuring due protection of the Russian-speaking population.

Against all this new sanctions of EU and the USA, apparently, only intentionally worsen situation. For Putin Ukraine – a question not economy, but national security. «After all, if the West is able to absorb Ukraine what will be the following – Chechnya, Kaliningrad? » — the author asks a question. From the point of view of the Kremlin to be weak in such situation means to provoke more resolute actions of the opponent.

From the point of view of economy, the country which has worried 90th, will be able to transfer and these blows. But, as Brenton notes, these sanctions only will strengthen Vladimir Putin’s image as defender of the people against the injurious West. Meanwhile, China with open arms will accept the Russian companies translating there the funds from London.




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