The facts about the #Russian Empire which you didn’t know. #USA #Canada

1 . In the Russian Empire free carrying the weapon was authorized. Before revolution of 1917 the weapon freely was on sale in hunting shops.

2 . Instead of kilogram the pood equal of 16, 38 kg was a weight in the Russian Empire.

3 . Before revolution Russia (Russian Empire) was the most teetotal country in Europe Russia traditionally was one of the most sober countries of Europe. Less we in Europe were drunk only by Norway. We stood on a penultimate place in the world on shower consumption of alcohol within three centuries with XVII before the beginning of the XX century.

4 . The emperor Nikolay the Second had the cousin to the emperor of the British Empire George the Fifth.

5 . The emperor Pyotr the Third (nee Karl Peter Ulrich Golstein-Gottorpski) was German by origin: in the area of the father I was the grandnephew of the Swedish king Karl XII and at first it was brought up as the successor of the Swedish throne. When in 1751 he learned that his uncle became the Swedish king, he mentioned: «Dragged me to this damned Russia where I have to consider myself as the state prisoner whereas if left me at liberty, now I would sit on a throne of the civilized people.

6 . In the 20th century the Russian Empire entered with the largest and best in world oil-extracting and oil-processing industry: 94% of all oil were processed within the country.

7 . In 1904 in Russia there were 21 million horses (around the world — about 75 million): 60% of country farms of Russia had the 3rd and more horses.

8 . On rates of industrial production the Russian Empire by 1914 came to the 1st place.

9 . The well-known aroma of «Chanel No. 5» was thought up not by Coco Chanel, and the Russian perfumer emigrant Verigin who worked in «Chanel’s» perfumery department together with Moscow born and bred Ernest Bo.

10 . In 1913 Russia from butter sale abroad helped out as much, how many from gold mining.

11 . The largest estate in the Russian Empire was the peasantry.

12 . Faiths orthodox 69.5% Muslims of 11.1% Catholics of 9.1% Jews 4.2. %

13 . The Russian Emperor Nikolay the Second was the first head of state who officially announced idea of the world disarmament: he offered it to heads of states of Europe in 1898 in the Hague.

14 . Before World War I Russia gave bread approximately as much, how many the USA, Canada and Argentina together taken, and they were in this branch leaders.

Below the picture of team of gymnasts from «Russian of gymnastic society» is uploaded. M. R. F. Brodovsky, 1907.




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