Igor Kolomoysky gave the order on Boeing 777 destruction #USA

Crash of Boeing could be Kolomoysky’s mnogokhodovka.


The route of Malaysian Boeing passed in a zone of reach of several Bouck-M1 surface-to-air missile systems of Armed forces of Ukraine. Beeches settled down in Zaroshchenskom, in Gruzsko-Zaryansky, in Avdeevke and Style. In confirmation — space pictures of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Surface-to-air missile system launchers — in 8 kilometers North to the west of Lugansk. Here — self-propelled fire installation and two pusko-loading cars. Five kilometers to the north of Donetsk. Radar stations and too different equipment.

Why so many missile systems were required and are so close to each other? The matter is that «the Beech — M1» has the restrictions. To strike the plane which flies at the height of 10 kilometers and with a speed under 900 kilometers per hour, calculation has no more than one-two minutes. Then the purpose leaves a reach zone, and it is necessary that it was accepted by other complex. Boeing made strange maneuver thanks to which it remained in an area of coverage of «Beeches» more long. And ordered to fly quite so to it from the earth. Here it is important to know that the command was given by the Dnepropetrovsk dispatchers, and they — «private property» of the oligarch Kolomoysky.

The dispatcher of the Dnepropetrovsk air hub was the last who spoke with pilots of Malaysian Boeing. This person brought the plane to a zone of fights and conducted it up to the tragedy. Who exactly it was, for Kiev now — military secret. This person by order of SBU now even is forbidden to communicate with any of strangers. Incidentally or intentionally Boeing brought to a zone where for the last some weeks brought down a set of military planes, still it is necessary to find out. One is obvious: the dispatching service accompanying Boeing, submits to the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area and the oligarch Igor Kolomoysky who sponsors retaliatory battalions of national guard.

«The oligarch Igor Kolomoysky possesses a number of the Ukrainian airlines: «The international airlines of Ukraine», «Dnepravia», «Aerosvit». That is even more interesting, activity of dispatching services of Dnepropetrovsk responsible for conducting of tragic flight, and also substantially technical providing dispatching services across all Ukraine is completely financed. That is this oligarch not only has the most direct influence on dispatching services of Ukraine, but also is capable to give direct instructions to a row from them including what had to accompany on July 17 tragic flight of Malaysian Boeing» — Sergey Neverov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation noted.


The people knowing Kolomoysky, are sure: this person and not is capable of the such. It could suit a mnogokhodovka — to bring down the plane, and guilty to expose militants, and after by means of the West finally to smooth out the region. Kolomoysky said more than once that will make everything not to allow negotiations of a militia with the Kiev authorities on a possible truce. Coincidence or not, but the tragedy occurred in that day when representatives of a militia had to sit down at a negotiating table with official Kiev. If to consider that the battalion «Dnepr» which Kolomoysky’s colleague Yury Bereza orders, at that moment was in the shock area, questions becomes even more. By the way itself the Birch — the professional antiaircraft gunner.
What exactly brought down Boeing — still a question. Right after the tragedy eyewitnesses of incident unanimously spoke: in the sky over Grabovo except civil Boeing there was one more plane. Words of eyewitnesses confirm also data of objective control.
«The Russian control recorded ascent by plane of the Ukrainian Air Force, presumable, by Su-25, in the direction of Malaysian Boeing. Removal of Su-25 from Boeing made from three to five kilometers. Why the warplane made flight on the airway of civil aviation practically at the same time and on the same echelon with the passenger aircraft? Videocards of the Rostov zone center are presented to confirmation» — Andrey Kartapolov, the chief of the Head operational management of the General Staff of the Russian Federation told.
Less than one days prior to the tragedy eyewitnesses recorded Su-25 in the same area, near Izvarino. Attack plane saw in the sky over Grabovo and on July 17. The version that Boeing attacked military plane, isn’t excluded also by the international experts.
«Even it is obvious to the layman that bullet openings were almost as that remain after hit from a machine gun. And if further to reflect in this spirit, on metal we didn’t see such damages somewhere else» — Michael Bochurkiv, the press secretary of OSCE in Ukraine noted.
At a view of fragments it is really possible to notice that some openings are similar on that leaves small arms. By the way, the attack plane of Su-25 which, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence, also could be near Malaysian Boeing at the time of plane crash, is equipped with built-in double-barreled 30-milimmetrovy automatic gun. A unit of fire — 250 shells. And it not the only thing from what the Ukrainian military could shoot the civil plane.
«It has the corresponding complex of arms which R-60 rockets which Su-25 could apply enter. The weight of this rocket — 45 kilograms, military unit weight — 3 kilograms, a military unit — rod. At approach to the purpose the military unit is broken off and turns into a ring of rod elements which quite could cut any part of Boeing — any, nasal, tail or a wing. Judging by large fragments, can quite be that these fragments were formed as a result of plane destruction at R-60 rocket firing» — Sergey Borisyuk, the general-mayo emphasized R-60 rocket firing» — Sergey Borisyuk, the major general of attack aircraft in resignation, Hera of Russia emphasized.
Having appeared on one line with the civil liner, the attack plane could come Boeing into a tail.
«Distance of 3-5 kilometers — this most optimum distance for effective use of R-60 rockets of small range with an infrared head of homing. To lock on the target and to execute start-up of rockets doesn’t represent complexity for the pilot of the average level of preparation» — Sergey Moiseyev, the chief of the department of the summary analysis of the Joint construction corporation of Management of programs of military aircraft told.
According to experts, this time an attack plane could drive them the Kharkov area, from airfield in Chuguyevo. Call sign of airfield — «Rogach». The honored pilot of Russia Ivan Chaika worked some years at this airfield as the flight instructor. «Distance there the small — within 200 kilometers. Tactical radius of this plane allows to carry out an objective on drawing blow and return on this airfield» — Chaika considers.
About that Boeing could be brought down from air, tells also character of the holes which have remained on fragments of the liner.
«That we observe on a fuselage — a big mark — it obviously a mark from the estimated rocket which can be on Su-25 plane arms. This consequence of blasting the rocket directly after penetration. Influence in this situation by air from land forces is excluded. I personally saw that striking factor which remains on an air target from the Beech complex. It smaller also has no sphere form» — Mikhail Krush, in 2008-2010 — the chief of army antiaircraft defense of land forces of Armed forces of the Russian Federation explained.
Kiev, referring to data of nonexistent satellites, tries to deny that near Boeing there was the Ukrainian plane, however that saw both eyewitnesses, and the Russian satellites, can be confirmed already soon with data of flight recorders.


Source: http://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=1843498


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