SKR initiated proceedings upon crash MiG-29 near Astrakhan

Moscow. July 27. INTERFAX.RU — Upon fighter crash MiG-29 in the Astrakhan region is brought criminal case under the article «Violation of the Rules of Flights or Preparation for Them», the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reports.

As noted in committee, previously it is established that on July 27 at 8:30 according to the planned table of flights of a body 28004 the specified plane under control of the lieutenant colonel Alexey Dvinyaninov took off for performance of training flight from airfield Volga the Narimanovsky region of area.

Approximately at 8:55 when performing exercise allegedly there was a control system refusal. «As a result the plane crashed, the pilot was lost, the plane is destroyed and to restoration isn’t subject, ammunition on its board wasn’t. The plane crash site is located in the steppe district in several kilometers from departure airfield», — noted in SKR.

Now all circumstances of an event are established.

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