Russia provided a corridor to the Ukrainian military #Russia

The first transport column transporting wounded Ukrainian military, began movement on a transit corridor which arranged in the territory of Russia.
Last night to the Rostov region delivered the first two tens fighters which it appeared it is impossible to transport to hospitals through their native land. Almost all these people — the military who have pleased in so-called «The southern copper». It is quite extensive site covering some regions of Lugansk and Donetsk areas. Exactly there now there are most hardened fights.
The sector is limited on the one hand to Krasnodon, Sverdlovsk and several more cities which are under control to a militia. On the other hand — frontier with Russia which for obvious reasons, security officers of Ukraine to pass not in the right. Very famous many frontier transitions («Izvarino», «Marinovka») — forces of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine suffered there the real defeat.
Cut off from other armies, in «copper», according to informal data, there were some thousands of fighters (in particular, the 24th, 72nd and 79th crews). They don’t receive a reinforcement, they finish ammunition and provisions, they sustain heavy losses. As a result, they should look for an exit in the neighboring state. Corridor organized just at their request.
On a check point «Matveev Kurgan» the Ukrainian military brought in the dead of night. If to get accustomed, on some cars attack traces — bullet openings are visible. In total in cars 21 wounded and bodies of two victims.

Military delivered from those boundary transitions which, according to representatives of the Ukrainian frontier service, are now surrounded with forces of militants.
«Made a corridor and rendered medical aid. I want to tell many thanks to frontier guards and «ambulance» of the Russian Federation. There a check point «Dolzhansky» in a ring, in a different way was not to leave, there is no road», — the representative of the Public border service of Ukraine Dmitry told.

For the first time the Ukrainian party appealed to Russia to organize a transit corridor for evacuation of wounded two days ago — then on a check point of «Kuybyshevo» the border crossed eight soldiers and officers. Also the body of the lost serviceman was delivered. All wounded in the Russian territory were given first aid, on the same day them transferred to the Ukrainian party on other check point. And the day before in the afternoon the Ukrainian military crossed border on three frontier transitions.

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