Boeing 777 crash: chronology of events

The plane going on a route Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, crashed in the east of Ukraine where Kiev performs military operation against militants. The board disappeared from a radar in only some minutes before entering air space of Russia. The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko accused of plane crash of force of self-defense, having called an event an act of terrorism. However militants reject these statements, claiming that they have no weapon, capable to bring down the plane at such height. It is reported that among fragments flight recorders are already found. On the basis of available data we made chronology of the tragedy.


At 14:15 Moscow time from Amsterdam the Malaysia Airlines airline plane onboard which there were 298 people took off. The aircraft made the transcontinental flight MH-17 to Kuala Lumpur. At 17:21 Moscow time the radio communication with pilots of Boeing 777 interrupted, and the plane was gone from a radar.

Neither preventions of malfunctions, nor a distress signal it wasn’t noticed. Last time the board was registered at the height of 10 kilometers over the East of Ukraine – the region where armed conflict doesn’t stop and there are fights.

Didn’t pass also hour as the destiny of the flight MH-17 became known. The plane broke up to parts in air: the extensive territory was covered with its fragments. Within an hour to the place of plane crash there arrived militants. They surrounded the territory and confirmed lack of the survived.

The international reaction to this tragedy was immediate.

«Our thoughts and prayers now with families of those who was onboard, not very well from what they are the countries», — the U.S. President Barack Obama declared, making comments on airliner accident.

«We express the deepest condolences to all who was affected by this tragedy» — the prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott told concerning an air crash and death of passengers and crew.

Almost at once hearings that the plane was brought down spread.

«It is visible – and I speak «probably» because we have no details, and I want to be sure of the words – probably, it was brought down. And it wasn’t accident. He exploded directly in the sky», — the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden almost right after the tragedy declared.

By the evening and forces of a militia of Donbass declared Kiev the non-participation in an event. The authorities of Ukraine reported that didn’t perform any antiaircraft operations whereas the representative of militants claimed that self-defense forces simply have no weapon with such ceiling of application. Still later representatives of a militia in the east of Ukraine declared that found «a black box» – onboard system of registration of flight data – and promised to transfer her to the international commission.


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