Igor Strelkov: part of people from the Boeing died some days prior to accident

Igor Strelkov answered questions on falling of the Malaysian Boeing.

There is a version that the civil plane was brought down by SU-27.

«Information such is. But I while itself didn’t understand a situation up to the end. Therefore (as well as all others) I didn’t sound this version».

«According to people who collected corpses, considerable part of corpses — «stale» — people died about one several days ago. I don’t warrant for complete certainty of this information — certainly, the conclusion of forensic scientists» is necessary.

— Someone else has to pilot such plane, leave which including it will be impossible. The version with the plane full of dead persons, taking, of course, but somehow sense it isn’t visible.

«First, not all people in the plane were dead before falling.

Secondly, in the plane a large number of medicines, serums of blood and other was revealed that is uncharacteristic for the regular liner. It seems that the medical specialist freight took place.

Thirdly, I don’t insist on anything (while). Simply literally now I talked to two people who were personally collecting corpses right after falling (both is from Shakhtersk and arrived to a place less than in half an hour after accident). From their words also I write. They emphasized that a set of corpses appeared «absolutely bloodless» — as though blood turned long before accident. Also noted also the strongest putrid smell noted by many locals — such smell in any weather for half an hour it couldn’t be formed, and weather was yesterday cloudy, not too hot.

Fourthly, itself with extreme suspicion I treat all «konspirologiya», but our 18 fighters poisoned with chemistry on positions in Semenivka, executions of members of families of militants and other «small pleasures the svidomykh of patriots» convinced me that the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any meanness.

Pilots, naturally, were quite live — all cabin (and the forward part remained well) was literally covered them with blood».

Source: http://rusvesna.su/news/1405676334


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