Head of the maine military investigation of EU: Russia isn’t involved in events in Ukraine

The admiral reported, in the southeast of the Ukraine only the local population holds a meeting.

The admiral Georgy Alafuzoff — chief orders military intelligence of the European Union — rejected participation of Russia in events in Ukraine. According to its data, in the southeast of the country there are no Russian military, only locals who are dissatisfied with the new Kiev authorities (in other words there hold a meeting, the crucial role is played there by the local Russian-speaking population).

As the admiral in interview to the Finnish Yle edition declared, in nezalezhny while there are no active operations. Meanwhile, they would be difficult to be avoided if to Ukraine armies of the Russian Federation intruded.
We will note, some western and Ukrainian politicians accuse us of intervention in internal affairs of our neighbors. And Moscow already even was tired to deny everything.
So, on Tuesday the Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov once again assured all that in the east of Ukraine there are no Russian armies. Thus it reminded that earlier tried to calm the West and the head of our state, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. However, according to Dmitry Sergeyevich, the western countries prefer not to hear simply statements of Russia for absence of her military personnel in the east of the neighboring state.
Protesters blocked airfield in Kramatorsk
Fight for the military airfield located near Kramatorsk, proceeds. So, on Wednesday, April 16, protesters blocked departure from the airport: they built a barricade from tires about gate (read further)
Kiev tries to pacify force the East of Ukraine: the army seized airfield of Kramatorsk
Since morning on Tuesday I left rebellious Slavyansk to look for the Ukrainian army. After all the acting president nezalezhny Turchynov declared at 11.00 Moscow time the beginning in the east of Ukraine to «anti-terrorist operation». That is about the beginning of suppression of popular uprising.
I go on country roads. Locals told that saw tanks and armored personnel carriers. Traces from caterpillars on asphalt led to the DAI point (analog of the Russian GAI). And here it — part of the Ukrainian army. Convulsively I consider: 12 armored personnel carriers and 10 buses with soldiers (to read further)

Kiev developed «psychogenic» war against rebellious Donbass

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Alexander of KOTS, Dmitry STESHIN

Donetsk region is overflowed by the information tsunami creating illusion of full chaos.

— It is absolutely exact information? — for the third time we asked again the source security officer in Donetsk.

— 100 percent, I will give you phone number of the person on a place of events. This is the commander of group of militants, — our interlocutor assured.

In the morning on Tuesday he with emotion told us that near Mariupol forces of the Lvov landing crew blocked group of self-defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic


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