America interfered with affairs of Ukraine

The policy of the new authorities of Ukraine is far from independence. In fact, it is formed by representatives of Washington – the staff of intelligence services and power structures. The Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Evgeny Lukyanov declared it in RIA Novosti news agency interview.

«It is a question not only of the American mercenaries. It is possible to speak about confidence about vigorous activity in the Ukrainian territory of so-called adviser from Washington. I mean specialists of reconnaissance community and power bodies of the USA», — he declared. They, according to the official, are engaged in development «the strategic line in strict accordance with which the leadership of Ukraine makes decisions».

He also emphasized that similar adviser literally flooded in due time Post-Soviet Russia: in particular, they advised Anatoly Chubais during privatization in the 90th years. It were representatives of CIA. «That they advised, all of us saw», — the deputy secretary of Security Council concluded.

Evgeny Lukyanov is sure that an ultimate goal of representatives of «Euromaidan» who now are in power in Ukraine, NATO advance to the east is. Therefore, in his opinion, carrying out doctrines of the Russian Federation near borders of Ukraine quite logically.

«Why don’t we carry out maneuvers, not to check fighting capacity of our parts when events in Ukraine — at that plan which, probably, exists in certain staffs in the West — have to lead to NATO advance to the east? » — Lukyanov declared.

Mercenaries of the USA

Lukyanov also emphasized that the American mercenaries from Greystone firm with whom Kiev signed the contract for maintenance of a constitutional order in the country, had special military training — unlike inhabitants of the southeast of Ukraine, the houses which have risen in defense.

The representative of Security Council of the Russian Federation noted that use of mercenaries and activization of power operation of Kiev won’t be able to provoke Russia to military intervention. Thus he paid attention to tendentiousness of an assessment of events occurring in Ukraine from the West. «Any actions undertaken by foreign mercenaries and the Ukrainian National guard: diversionary actions, terror, physical elimination discordant, destruction of objects of infrastructure of the southeast, including transport lines, power lines, water supply, the nuclear power plant, mines, — all this will attribute to a militia — in the worst traditions information and war of nerves», — Lukyanov declared.


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