Concentration camps in Ukraine for the population of Donbass and Russia, again? #saveRussiaFromNazism

In September, 2014 inhabitants of Ukraine will remember sad date: 100 years ago the Europe’s first were created concentration camp Terezin and Talergof intended for русинов — the pro-Russian population of Austro-Hungarian Galichina. Thousands русинов were lost only because took a liking for Russia and wanted to keep the historical self-name, refusing to be called as Ukrainians as that was demanded from them by the Austro-Hungarian authorities.

The maintenance of prisoners was terrifying. Especially in camp Talergof where people supported in a field without uniform shelter from bad weather. The first barracks were constructed only at the beginning of 1915, and before people slept on the naked earth open-air. Refusal to consider itself rusiny was the only condition of release. And the most cynical mockery was that supervisors over prisoners put just the same inhabitants of Galichina, but already called as Ukrainians. They who have refused a name русинов, were engaged in destruction of «Russophiles». Their crimes are recorded in «the Talergofsky almanac», published by Committee of prisoners of Talergof in the 1920th years.

Hatred of the Ukrainian nationalists to all Russian was used also by the German nazis during occupation of the Soviet Ukraine. The Ukrainian nationalists served as chasteners, were appointed supervisors in numerous concentration camp. After an environment of the Soviet armies near Kiev to Hitlerites about 700 thousand Red Army men among which there was a great number of ethnic Ukrainians were taken prisoner. Only in Brovara’s small town near Kiev there were two concentration camps, which prisoners, on memoirs of locals, shot near the village Bykovnya as Hitlerites, and the Ukrainian police officers. «I am proud of that fact, — the deputy of Rovnensky city council M. Shkuryatyuk declared in interview to the Киiвський вicник newspaper, — that among 1500 chasteners in Babi Yar was 1200 полицаев from OUN and only 300 Germans». Very few people remember that Ukrainians who contained in Syretsky «filtrational» camp and which together with Russians were at war against Hitler were one of the first victims of Babi Yar, even prior to mass destruction of the Kiev Jews.


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