In Saurovk’s small Russian village Kolomoysky and Poroshenko’s personal army chopped off hands and feet to all men of the village

25.06.2014, 00:40. The message from Fedor Berezin, Igor Ivanovich Strelkov’s deputy.

«Saurovk’s small Russian village and banderovsky evil spirits.
In Donbass it is small village — Saurovka. Straight near a barrow of Saur-Mogila. Ukraine army, being the successor of Hitlerite Wehrmacht, terribly hates Saur-Mogilu, as a symbol of the Russian valor in Patriotic war. All the time their artillery and mortars thrash directly according to Stella. However can’t approach closer. Our fighters hid on a barrow and round it. However the speech now not about protection of a monument and height.

The speech about Saurovk’s village. Absolutely small. It only 50 houses. Once there came right sector. National guard, Azov-2 and Dnepr-2. Well, also imparted to the village the European values. Cut out all mens. Cut alive. Cut off hands, feet. Then head.
Women didn’t cut — forced. And nowadays continue, in a pause between fights.


Certainly, all fans of GeyEropy and mainadaune will tell — I imagined everything. However, it is the truth. Truth of this Civil war. Well, misters Lyashko and Poroshenko, you there something bleated about a truce? Something what it is necessary to disarm? In Saurovke there was no weapon and…

Consider, the chocolate baron- Poroshenko, the truth on our party, and once we will come to you. Personally to you!

The forest zone Saur-Mogily replenishes with fresh dead persons. Rightsector bad people not only in relation to inhabitants of Donbass. They and the consider as garbage. In normal way don’t bury. Don’t bother. Simply powder with a zemlitsa, and everything put. In «brilliant green» there is a persistent smell of carrion. Sometimes powder even with the weapon. And that to be sorry? Амэрыця sponsors so the new will adjust, al will buy from any Poles.

On ours thrash cassette mines. Too not ukro-productions. Splinters such that if will hook, will turn upside down so that the horse-radish will begin to live. The other day militants from «Rock» wasted снайпершу. Hello to Poland! The maiden was just from there. It has the newest amersky rifle of caliber 12,5. Ruzhyishko didn’t manage to be taken. The heavy machine gun «Rock» turned upside down the tool.

It seems that the barrow of Saur-Mogila again becomes a symbol of the Russian valor in fight against fascism. The other day, нацики didn’t want to step on our height, and then правосеки behind started shooting on the — to urge forward attack.
However those took offense and began to scorch in reply. Ours from above be touched to this show. More often such circus. Certainly, this circus not for a long time. Soon we vypry ukro-natsikov both about predvery Saur-Mogily and from other places. Prepare white slippers».




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