Children escaping airstrikes of the Ukrainian army: The authorities of Ukraine destroy us

More than 9 thousand people for the last some days arrived to Russia from east Ukraine while the Ukrainian army destroys the cities within carrying out military operation by Kiev. The correspondent of RT Roman Kosarev visited one of camps for refugees.

Usually the pleasure reigns in this typical Russian children’s camp. However here and in three other summer camps which have been partially converted in camp for refugees which I visited, the atmosphere far not the joyful. Ksenia is here with the son. Less than in a month it will have one more child. As well as everything, it was necessary to leave east Ukraine, escaping from attack. Lisa very much tries to seem courageous.

She declares that any more isn’t afraid for the life, but she is tormented still by fear. Only for the last some days of nearly 9 thousand refugees crossed the Russian border. The majority of them pursued one aim – to secure the children.

Organizers, volunteers, the authorities and everything who has to it relation, try to make stay of children here as much as possible carefree. Nevertheless, mood of children far not the camp. The sound of the flying by plane or any other loud sounds still frighten them, and they start looking out for the next air-raid shelter. Here people be grateful for the help and shelter. Some of them are going to go for a family or the friends living in Russia while for others these camp for refugees – everything that at them is.


Source: RussianToday


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